Deb J


I’m not a resident of Philly and was staying here for business. I had a day off so I drove around looking at all the sites (Philadelphia is so interesting). I parked my car to check out Liberty Hall and when I got back, I saw my car keys sitting on the front seat. I was going to call a locksmith I found on my phone, but realized I could call the rental car agency to see if they would take care of it and the did!. They sent out this really nice man from Philadelphia Locksmith Pros (this website) and he use d a pretty interesting little balloon tool to get me back in. The alarm went off, but he got in so quickly that it didn’t really bother too many people.

If I lived here, I would have this company’s phone number in my phone in case I ever need a locksmith. Very professional, very fast and not a bad experience at all.